Columbia University

About the Campaign

This is Columbia’s moment.

In every area of study within the University and every pursuit in the common interest beyond it, Columbia and Columbians are moving forward with renewed energy. Scientific research, public policy, medical treatment, and more — we’re creating new knowledge, transmitting it to the next generation, and driving the future forward.

After publicly launching in September 2006, The Columbia Campaign crossed the $4 billion mark in February 2011 thanks to support from more than 160,000 alumni, parents, and friends. Their donations have bolstered endowment, provided operating support, and built and renovated facilities, all in the University’s core academic and research areas.

As we work to complete our Campaign goal of $5 billion by December 2013, we’re emphasizing key remaining initiatives in support of:

  • financial aid;
  • faculty endowment;
  • transformative facilities for the arts, business, neuroscience, medical education, and athletics; and
  • programming that reflects Columbia’s global reach.

This ongoing effort is about supporting the University’s essential mission — increasing Columbia’s capacity to contribute to the world, and following through on the promise implicit in doing so.

It is this shared vision for the future that unites the various donations featured on this website. Together they represent just a small sample of what the support of more than 160,000 alumni, parents, and friends really means, for Columbia and for the world.